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The Guardians of the Cerrado (ActionAid)



The Cerrado, the Brazilian savanna, is the world's oldest tropical biome. It covers 25 percent of Brazil’s land mass, in the central part of the country, but It’s being cleared two times faster than the Amazon. Despite its richness, the Cerrado is not considered a National Heritage region like the Amazon and Brazil's Atlantic Forest.


In these short films, you will see a little of three different traditional communities that still live in harmony with the environment and which their livelihoods depend on it.


These communities and 80 other ethnicities in the Cerrado are at risk, and their livelihoods are threatened. Know more at:



Visual content production: creation, production, directing and editing: 03 short films / 03 short Instagram Videos


Audio and Assistance: Marcelo Engster


Sound Design: Lucas Piovesan

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