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(2015 - 2016)


Hinterland: Stories from the Caatinga is a photographic and film project by my partner, Lianne Milton, and me, about subsistence farmers coexisting with drought in the Sertão, a semi-arid region in the northeast of Brazil.


Brazil's Sertão represents the largest concentration of rural poverty in Latin America. It is home to nearly 20 million people in nine states between the Amazon and the northeastern coast. The drought is the worst in the last 50 years, killing livestock and crops, and turning soil into sand.


In 2015 my partner Lianne Milton received a grant from Yves Rocher Foundation Photography Award, which supported the project. The project was exhibited in the Festival Photo La Gacilly of 2016, with photographs by Lianne Milton, and a series of short films by me.


The gallery above is all composed of Iphone pictures.


Below you can watch a short film made for a fundraising campaign we launched.

Hinterland: Stories from the Caatinga - Pedro and Severiana

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