3rd Place - World Press Photo 2019

Digital Storytelling

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Marielle and Monica


The LGBT activists resisting Bolsonaro's Brazil. Marielle Franco, a Brazilian LGBT and human rights activist, was killed in March 2018. Her widow, Monica Benicio, continued her fight for better treatment of the poor, the LGBT community and black Brazilians. The case of her murder has still not been solved and, as the police investigation drifts, Monica is a plunged into a new crisis: the probable election of Jair Bolsonaro.


The film documents Monica's involvement in the campaign opposing Bolsonaro, shoots of hope in the election of some local politicians from other parties, and the aftermath of the election which suggests a difficult future for LGBT rights and politicians who oppose the government, with little hope for Marielle's murder case being adequately solved.


Key Credits:


Directing, Cinematography and Editing: Fábio Erdos

Producer: Marina Costa

Assistant Director and Audio: Marcelo Engster

Sound Design: Lucas Piovesan

Executive Producers: Charlie Phillips and Jacqueline Edenbrow

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