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Diving the 65th Parallel: Unseen Worlds on the Antarctic Sea Floor


Follow researchers on board a small submersible as they complete what is believed to be the southernmost scientific submarine dive in history, at 65 degrees south. The dive was made possible at a time when Antarctic sea ice had reached the lowest extent on satellite record.


It was completed during a Greenpeace expedition to the Weddell Sea to identify vulnerable ecosystems (VMEs) on the Antarctic seafloor to help make the call for more marine protected areas in the region.



Directing, Cinematography, and Editing: Fábio Erdos

Produced by Alex Yallow and James Hanson

2018 Expedition Footage by Fábio Nascimento and Matt Kemp

Sound Design by Lucas Piovesan

Special thanks to: Dr. Rachel Downey, John Hocevar, Dr. Susanne Lockhart, Dr. Laura Meller, Nuytco Research, PolarX, Julia Zanolli, Marizilda Cruppe, Mark Richardy, Malachi Chadwick, Inka Cresswell, Roberto García-Roa, Héctor Rodriguez; and the crew of the Arctic Sunrise: Pep Barbal, Nasko Atanasov, Charlotte Cumberbirch, Claire Hallier, Barry Joubert, Marcelo Legname, Dave McEvitt, Victor Pickering, Florin Popescu, Mong Ruchirabha, Anne Ruijter, Han Bum Ryu, Andres Soto, Simona Stoeva, Emili Trasmonte, Christine Weiss and Manuela Zalazar.

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